Basic Pistol – personalized one on one handgun training

Choosing then using the right handgun for carry & defense

If you’re just getting started learning about firearms and Defense we always recommend the Utah Concealed Weapons Permit Course as a perfect ‘first step’ as it perfectly lays out the basics of firearms ownership, safety and the law.  But then where do you go from there? We understand that a gun store can be pretty overwhelming with hundreds of different firearm choices and then a bunch of possible caliber choices on top of that so what is the best handgun choice for you as an individual? Enter Basic Pistol.

This is a private one on one consultation package for an individual or a married couple that ensures you don’t make a $500-$1500 mistake and purchase a handgun based on what your buddy said was a ‘great gun’ or a ‘great caliber.’  What’s great for them might not be great for you.  All of our hands are different sizes and shapes and we are all unique individuals. That is the reason why there are so many different models, sizes, guns and calibers out there.

Historically this course has been tailor made by our instructors to suit the individual student. Basically it includes two sessions.

The first session consists of meeting at a large gun dealer in your area, a place where we can ‘try on’ a hundred different guns at once.  We will work with you to find a gun that is not only comfortable in your hand, but will set you up for shooting success by making sure that the length of pull and spring tension and safety features and everything match up to the unique way you are put together. We will discuss concealed carry options with you and help you to select a firearm that suits the individual way you would like to concealed carry, whether it be under your waistband or in a purse or on your ankle… We will make sure that we take everything into account before settling on a few different models that may suit you.

The second session consists of meeting at a local gun range near you that rents firearms. We meet you at the range and guide you through the process of renting the firearms from the list we came up with during our first session. We will identify those same firearms in a few different calibers each and take them out to the range to fire them. Before shooting we will review safety, and all the shooting fundamentals and while test firing on the range we will work closely with you to ensure you are building proper shooting habits, eye dominance, etc.. We will work with you to perfect your grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger squeeze and breath control.  We will work with you to correct some of the common bad habits that lead to shooter error and help you to feel confident behind a firearm so that your training can continue on your own time for many years to come. After the shooting range portion you will know which gun is right for you, which makes you the most comfortable and which you can handle the best. You can now make an informed decision about which gun you have chosen to carry and why and you will feel confident in your ability to purchase and handle that firearm. The student(s) will be expected to cover the cost of range fees and firearms rental and ammunition.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll set up a time to meet at a gun dealer near you.