Our mission at Brave Response Shooting is to provide leading edge tactical instruction and tools for the modern patriot. Empowering our students to protect their lives and the lives of those they love, when the wolf is at the door.

We believe that education is the great equalizer, therefore our Utah Concealed Weapons Courses focus on;

  • Tools

    Proper safety, use, handling, and care of your defensive firearms.

  • Tactics

    Real-world defensive tactics and strategies that address real violence, not Hollywood fairy tales.

  • Law

    How to apply the laws of justifiable force to your life and your situation.

It’s our firm belief that the Utah CCW course is the absolute best place to start for those with little to no experience with firearms. The first half of the class is pistol parts, ammunition, basic operation, pistol safety, firing stances, malfunction clearing. A perfect handgun 101. The second half of the course addresses the laws of justifiable force when you are in your home, when you are out and about, and in your car. We practice applying those laws to ourselves and by doing this, gain a deeper understanding of the law and what to do in the event of a bad situation. Reach out to us and set up a private CCW class in your home. As human beings we often fear what we don’t understand.  The Utah CCW course is a perfect start to understanding firearms, their role in modern society and in your life.

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